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TAOL Objectives, Article II

1: To encourage, promote, aid in and effect the interchange of data, information, experience, ideas, knowledge, methods and techniques, voluntarily among members of TAOL, relating to the field of locksmithing;

2: To elevate the position of those engaged in installing and servicing Security and Access Control Hardware in all its branches and to establish a standard of qualification for membership;

3: To work with the manufacturers and distributors of Security and Access Control Hardware toward a sympathetic understanding of our mutual problems to the best interest of all individuals in the security industry;

4: To provide guest speakers who shall be qualified to give technical or other information that is useful or of interest to locksmiths;

5: To collect monies by way of dues or otherwise and to hold and extend the same in furtherance of the objects of TAOL;

6: To establish a uniform Code of Ethics and to promote and maintain friendly co-operation among all locksmiths endeavouring to advance their mutual interests;

7: To co-operate with all organizations related to security;

8: To promote the recognition of locksmithing as a separate trade;

9: To promote and develop an apprenticeship program for the training of locksmiths; and

10: TAOL shall also have as such objectives not inconsistent with the foregoing as may from time to time be formulated and announced by the Board of Directors and approved by the membership at a meeting so called for this purpose.